A female who acts a certain way for attention, but always gets the wrong attention. A "Cassi" has syblings with special needs and get more attention than she does...so she will act out in different ways to fill the hole of her emotions.

Very needy, to the point of pushing people away.
gets drunk to deal with feelings of lonliness and acts even crazier.

Her ways of getting the attention she needs usually consist of drinking to the point of vomiting, trying to make out with everyone around her, obsessing over something( a boy, a color, a car...)
"Breanna gets one beer in her and turns into a total Cassi."

"Um, will you please kick that Cassi out of my house? I don't need vomit on my parent's carpet."
by lexbobexxx February 18, 2010
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Cassi is an amazing girl who is very beautiful and who can make you laugh no matter how sad you are. She is gorgeous and her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard so if you want her you better get her. She can have low self confidence but always brings herself back up again. Her friends adore her and love her to bits. She can be awkward but once you get to know her she looses her shell and becomes extremely dorky. Also she loves watching vines. Lastly if someone insults her or her friends she’s ready to bury their dead body.
Bro 1: BROOOOOO!!!!
Bro 2: What dude?
Bro 1: This girl I’ve know for a long time is starting to grow on me and i think I want to ask her out.
Bro 2: Is she a Cassi?
Bro 1: YOU KNOW IT!! I
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