Classic movie that came out in 1942, and probably has the best known lines in film history. For example:
"Here's looking at you, kid"
"If that plane leaves the ground and you're not with him, you'll regret it. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon — and for the rest of your life."
"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
"We'll always have Paris."

Casablanca is a hella good movie. Too bad most people my age can't see that.
Moron:"OMFg its in balck and white so it must suck lol1100zzzone!!"
Me (or smart person): So?
by Adrian June 26, 2006
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An absolute classic.

Although that word is based on the movie 'Casablanca', it does not have to be a romantic movie from the 40's. It simply must be considered a 'classic' for its genre, even if it's something like fanfiction where nothing has been around for many years.
"After the End" by Arabella and Zsenya is considered the Casablanca of Harry Potter fanfiction.

"Hamlet" is the Casablanca of tragic theater.
by Newbia Leogetti June 11, 2005
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Infinitely and effortlessly cool. Root word: Julian Casablancas. Can be used as noun, verb, or adjective!
"Did you see that guy!?"
"Pfsh, guy was SUCH a Casablancas"

"What are you up to?"
"Oh nothing much, just Casablancasing it"

"How's the horchata?"
"Oh, seriously Casablancas, thank you"
by casab May 10, 2010
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Jules Casablancas is an immensly talented individual, his unique voice and songwriting skills combine to make The Strokes one of the greatest bands of today. The man oozes coolness and thanks to his parents, his mother is former miss Denmark and his father is the founder of 'Elite' modelling agency, Julian has great looks and is loved by many. Girls want to be with him and guys wants to be him, with his big brown eyes and shaggy hair.
Julian Casablancas is a great musician and all round cool guy.
by Deleighla Casablancas August 29, 2004
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One of the sexiest guys in music. The voice, the face, the clothes, the hair..the drinking & smoking!! There is nothing hotter.
by Yassa October 08, 2003
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vocalist for the strokes. he is cooler than you are, sexier than you are, filthier than you are and is a better singer than you are. face it, he is a rock god.
julian casablancas is beyond sexy.
by n.s. January 04, 2004
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Vocalist for The Strokes, a band which for our time is phenomenal. Highly cool and unconventially attractive, his real magnestism lies in the droll way he carries himself and holds the mike. Son of John Casablancas (head of Elite modelling agency) and one-time Miss. Denmark. Rebelled against the establishment while in a Manhattan prep school.
I adore Julian Casablancas.
by Idon'thaveaname November 20, 2003
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