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Carting is holding on to a shopping from a moving car and then accelerating. Once an appropriate speed is reached the shopping cart is released and it shoots off like a missile. Carting was invented in Whiting, Indiana in the late 70s.
Hey dude, lets go do some carting.
by Joe Iron April 20, 2007
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Using a shopping cart to go through fast food drive through and look all swag.
We like to do Carting at Taco Bell
by Jelly Belly 1234 October 31, 2011
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A smuggling technique primarily invented to transport drugs, knitwear and swan's eggs from country to country.

Carting is where a female participant stores the goods in her vaginal storage compartment. Retired porn-stars and fatter woman are preferred.

Carting is illegal and embarrassing for the transporter when caught.
Police officer: "Excuse me madam, why are you limping?"
Woman: "SHIT!"
Police officer: "What's all this, you're carting!!!"
Woman: "let me off"
Police officer: "WTF mum no!!!"
by flashkapOw July 10, 2009
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