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Ultimately satisfying ones needs sexually and emotionally beyond their expectations. This action can only be performed by a Carter.
I got cartered
by Satisfaction's finest June 06, 2009
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v. 'to be cartered' or 'to carter'

If you were travelling in a group but were at the back, quite a way behind the rest, and you were then attacked or abducted, you would be said to have been 'cartered'.

From the teacher, 'Mrs Carter,' who is rumoured to have demonstrated this on students travelling from the games field too slowly.
Girl 1: Where's Lucy?
Girl 2: I don't know, she was behind us...
Girl 1: Oh my god, what if she's been cartered!

Girl 1: What happened to you last night? You just disappeared!
Girl 2: It was awful, I got cartered by David Tenninch and the QEGS aliens!
by bethg February 07, 2011
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