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A life philosophy such as Buddhism, which can accompany any religion or athiestic view. Carterism was founded by Darin Carter and consists of living life as healthy and happy as possible. With a set goal of Living to 101 years of age. Constantly considering new scientific and religious findings as to what contributes to health and happiness, while keeping in mind ancient human ways as an indication of diet and exercise and human interaction.
Carterism is the path to the happiest, healthiest, and therefore longest life possible a person can live.
by McWebster August 19, 2010
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When one starts drama with their crush or the past crush. That is considered Carterism
Oh the Carterism...
by thekittttykat April 17, 2017
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The act of controlling a girlfriend to the extent of losing her social life
"Gavin you need to stop your practicing carterism!!!"
"I'm sorry i didn't mean to i'll stop."
by 2813970128 August 27, 2019
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