Texting every girl in your phonebook in a feeble attempt to get laid.
After he got belligerent, Stephan proceeded to carpet bomb until Ursula texted him back and something was set up.
by Andy & Colt May 6, 2008
The act of trying it on with every girl in the club,works party,bar . until you strike it lucky.
John: man i really need to get laid tonight . Its been a month.

Paul: dont worry mate we will just carpet bomb the club it always works.

John: safe dude.
by discodan4321 November 30, 2009
The act of farting at random intervals down a hallway (such as a school or hotel) so that the origin of the smell is unknown.
Aw man I just laid a massive carpet bomb on the 5th floor of that hotel
by Ether December 29, 2005
to *completly* blanket an area with bombs(cluster, HE, dasiy cutter, nuclear, MOAB) destroying most everything underneath them. carpet bombing was practiced in vietnam, WWII and SHOULD be practiced in iraq
100 b-52's could carpet bomb baghdad, and level the whole damn city
by bomber man 4.0 August 24, 2004
When a person grows a few marijuana plants preferably auto flowering and lets a male fully pollinate a female lets the seeds mature you should have close to 1000 to 2000 seeds and you go around throwing a bunch on peoples laws, vacant lots, bushes, near abandoned train tracks state parks any and every were you get the idea
i had a friend who's a dedicated 420 activist he talks of out growing the government so as a jolk he carpet bombed the bank with 80 of em
by spazingorilla May 29, 2009
When a docter doesn't know what's wrong with you so they give you a whole bunch of antibiotics and steriods, hoping they will kill whatever you have.
We don't know what wrong with you so we gonna do a carpet bomb. Here's a handful of colorful pills. It might make you better and make you worse than when you came in. Fingers crossed!
by Dr. No Care December 17, 2009
When a female repeatedly dips her "carpet" on a defeated opponent's face, generally as a sign of disrespect or dominance. Effectively a female version of the "teabag."

As with the "V Bag" this is mostly used in the gaming community by female players who have defeated a disrespectful or arrogant opponant. A way of putting gamer jerks in their place.
After you pwn that arrogant n00b, carpet bomb him a few times before he respawns!
by the lordbaddkitty April 27, 2009