To pull out right as you cum and squirt your cum all over the girl's pussy and/or pubic area.
My girl said that she had forgotten to take her birth control, so I just carpet bombed her.
by TheFunnyGuy June 30, 2004
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during intercourse the guy pulls out early and uses his penis as if it were a pump action shot-gun and blows his nut juice all over the woman's vagina.
guy 1 " i fucking pulled out and shot-gunned carpet bombed that bitch!"
guy 2 "nice"
by Jizzychef May 11, 2005
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When someone puts their arms out to represent wings and acts like they are a flying airplane while passing gas and leaving a vapor cloud in their wake. As to represent themselves as bomber airplane that is dropping bombs.
Sam: What the heck is the new guy damian doing?

Chad: hurry up and move...he's carpet bombing!
by chadlamo June 04, 2011
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In Duke Nukem Forever; the art of obtaining both a Jetpack and the Devastator weapon, then proceed to fly around and unleash a rain of rockets on everything that moves. Don't forget to refill.
carpet bombing, fuck yeah
by dnomz June 24, 2011
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In a video game where the player proceeds to randomly toss or launch grenades hoping for a kill. Games like ghost recon where extreme proximity to grenades is deadly this is extremely cheap.
"Watch out. Some jerk is carpet bombing the alleyway. You can't get past."
by JoeMacD June 18, 2006
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A weapon in worms that sees a plane drop carpets over the landscape, bouncing about. Considered to be better than the unreliable homing pigeon, and more dangerous than the guided missile. Not as good as super sheep.
I was carpet bombing you.
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
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when your masturbating and you cum all over the carpet/floor area leaving a crusty stains in your carpet
yo homes, i went carpet bombing in my sisters room, theres crust all over the floor.
by L.L.spermway February 22, 2010
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