When a person takes a shit on someone's carpet and does nothing to clean it up.
I broke into Henderson's house and dropped a carpetbomb on his Persian rug.
by Rusty De La Serna February 22, 2009
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The act of mass texting the opposite sex in hopes of getting a hook-up or booty callfor the night. The texter or bombardier would see who responded and pick the best option to get with that night.
Guy 1: "I just carpet bombed my black book"

Guy2: "Nice, I guess you are getting some tonight."
by DjCrunkable September 13, 2012
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When a person grows a few marijuana plants preferably auto flowering and lets a male fully pollinate a female lets the seeds mature you should have close to 1000 to 2000 seeds and you go around throwing a bunch on peoples laws, vacant lots, bushes, near abandoned train tracks state parks any and every were you get the idea
i had a friend who's a dedicated 420 activist he talks of out growing the government so as a jolk he carpet bombed the bank with 80 of em
by spazingorilla May 29, 2009
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When a docter doesn't know what's wrong with you so they give you a whole bunch of antibiotics and steriods, hoping they will kill whatever you have.
We don't know what wrong with you so we gonna do a carpet bomb. Here's a handful of colorful pills. It might make you better and make you worse than when you came in. Fingers crossed!
by Dr. No Care December 17, 2009
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To fart and walk at the same time, multiple times, in a public environment. Leaving a trail of stink none can tell the origin of.
Man 1- *carpet bombs sidewalk*
Woman- What is that smell?!
Man 2- I have no idea, but it's everywhere!
by Urban-Legend March 05, 2015
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v. To answer a question using an enormous amount of barely related answers in the hope of somehow saying something that is close to correct.

named after the warfare technique where hundreds of thousands of pounds of high-explosives are dropped in the hope of killing a small, mobile group of enemies.
Tim- What's the capital of Kansas?
Bob- Ummm... Birmingham...Detroit...Vermont, New Port, Chicago, Pierre, Saskatchewan, Iowa, Phoenix, Malibu, Chad, Nepal, Chengdu, Dzerzhinsk, Holland, Denver, Fork Lift, Squirrel, Pikachu, Topeka...
Tim- There! That one! Way to carpet-bomb the hell outta that.
by halonistic February 23, 2012
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When a female repeatedly dips her "carpet" on a defeated opponent's face, generally as a sign of disrespect or dominance. Effectively a female version of the "teabag."

As with the "V Bag" this is mostly used in the gaming community by female players who have defeated a disrespectful or arrogant opponant. A way of putting gamer jerks in their place.
After you pwn that arrogant n00b, carpet bomb him a few times before he respawns!
by the lordbaddkitty April 27, 2009
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