the best place in the world even though there are alot of rich stuck up bitches but theres some everywhere also CHS is the best
whats there at chs?

skaters/groms and a grip of hot girls
by pink eye August 25, 2003
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Carlsbad is a city in northern San Diego County, California. It is 81% White. It has many luxurious homes and pristine beaches for surfing. Aviara is a nice area with a golf course.

Carlsbad is a family area with many retirees and a few professionals.

Cal State San Marcos is nearby and a growing institution. It is supplying North County's economy with many jobs and qualified young people.

Many people commute south on I-5 to work in San Diego.
"Carlsbad-A great family-oriented community!"
by skateNinvestNstocks June 16, 2007
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a town with a ton of nothing to do, filled with houses, a few shitty bars, and an airport for rich business types to fly to when they want to wipe their asses with money. the beaches always have losers on them with the occational looker who turns out to be a total retard which is a result of the poor education received at carlsbad high. stupid kids go and look for parties while their republican parents get drunk on over-priced alcohol to make up for their depressing corporate tool lives.
hey guys, there is nothing to do in Carlsbad, lets drive around in my SUV that mom and dad bought me so i can burn some gas.
by Armon September 20, 2005
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Two guys in Carlsbad

Guy: "I'm so drunk...let's ditch and go to the beach...and surf."
Guy 2: "Dude, weren't you just drinking O'Douls?"
Guy: "Yeah man, I'm so crunnnnnnked."
Guy 2: "O'Douls doesn't have alcohol in it man."
Guy: "So that's why my parents don't drink it."
Guy 2: "Do your parents care that you ditch?"
Guy: "So what if they do? What're they gunna do? Take away my Escalade for the weekend?"
by Caite December 7, 2005
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a place where there are a lot of cool people. also a place where there are a lot of idiots. home of the state beach rats. also home to the state beach posers. also the home of the genius, the hero of carlsbad.
The Genius was drinkin and smokin camel lights at Neimans in downtown Carlsbad when some state beach posers walked by and The Genius told them all to go have sex with their boyfriends.
by Boom Houser February 7, 2005
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the most wickedest city in Cali. yes, it is full of Sk8trs and surfers and plenty of bikini wearing beach bums. yes it is full of families, and AP students, and retirees. yes, it is awsome. CHS and VMS both kick Oceanside butt. the population is about: 60% white, 30% hispanic, 10% other. downtown is full of cute little gift shops and the locally famous Beach City Smoothies. The Library is cool and really good smelling. Some Carlsbad landmarks are: The Power Plant, the beach, the flower fields, That Cool Giant "windmill" that contains a motel and a TGIF, CHS, the lagoons (actually estuaries but no one cares). On normal days, C-bad is an hours drive from San Diego. About two hours from LA. Also, Oceanside is pretty cool too. I always forget if the mall is in C-bad or O-side (its in C-bad). All I really know is that they have the Petco and the Outback. I think they got the Target up there too. We have That Pizza Place. Really, if you want sun, surf, and great summers, come to Carlsbad (not Oceanside).

Carlsbad is and awsome place where you go to the beach, drive to Oceanside to play arcade games at Boomers, and go to school. that's kinda it. but it is still awsome. really.
by Spyder Gurl August 30, 2008
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A sexual act involving injecting of heroin into the tip of a man's penis before being sexually serviced by thai prostitutes. The term was introduced by Samantha Bee on Comedy Central's daily show in her analysis of CIA chief Goss' departure from the CIA amid questions surrounding prostitutes and poker parties at the Watergate hotel.
Goss received a carlsbad grimple while attending a hooker party at the Watergate hotel in 2005
by Christian Buss May 10, 2006
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