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A city by the sea. A very diverse community, including many paisas, surfers, scene kids, jocks, and bums. The Fourth Of July is the most exciting day of celebration there. The beaches are never too crowded with kooks. Everyone wears shorts everyday unless they are emo/ gang bangers. Definitley a beautiful town.
"Have you been to Oceanside's beaches?"
" Yes, my friend was arrested for drinking on the beach."
by SportyspiceSB October 05, 2009
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The best place to live.Mostly mexicans and Samoans that live there.Lots of rival gangs.Mostly everyone knows eachother there.
I was born and raised in oceanside california.

I live in calle montecito
by Karlachavira April 07, 2008
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What to say about oceanside? Well, besides the nice weather; the beach, There's more to that. Gang violence, Drugs, and so on... Diversity, EVERYONE knows EVERYONE. Your known by where you live. HOOD . The different neighborhoods are.. The Eastside, Mid Valley, Deep Valley, Tri-City, South O, Or Center Street.. The mexican food is the best. And sad to say, but at least ONE person knows someone who has passed away, been locked up, or is in a gang.
You.) For a nice lookin area, this place sure has a bad rep.

Me.) Well, welcome to Oceanside CA btchh
by Oceanside760 May 20, 2010
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Where amphetamines and jarheads flow like wine. Also, where Sammy Hagar has been spotted at the In-n-Out Burger.
Oceanside features a unique variety of retailers, including Outer Limits Smoke Shop and Amvets.
by Fluxcapacitor May 23, 2005
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1) A mecca for Jarheads
2) A breeding ground for current and future high school military wives.
3) A place where the only good thing to do is watch movies.
"A jarhead stabbed me in Oceanside"
by 830123 April 29, 2005
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A city located in Oceanside, California. Many Marines, Crips, Bloods, Mexican Gangs. A bad place to be if your wearing the wrong color. Especially watch out for the Bloods and going to the valley... Very dangerous...
I was visiting my cousin in oceanside and went to a then 20 samoan bloods surrounded me for wearing blue. I'm glad i was from out of town and they saw my Arizona license plate.
by The Poster June 18, 2006
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how to define oceanside...
well lets see first its a town where everyone knows who and where to go for the good drugs( but i wont name it here becuase no one wants the cops there)
most people smoke weed behind the highschool
half the town is either slutty and pot heads or emo and potheads
but there are the random people that dont do drugs
everyone knows eachother
half the parents agree with their kids promblems or dont believe they have any

dont go there! its a hell hole
person 1: wow im sooo fucking bored wat do you wanna do
person 2: idk wat do yu wanna do
person 1:idk lets go behind ******* and get some drugs
person 2:okay oceanside blows
by osidegirl<3 August 20, 2006
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