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a poor little rock thingy in space that was tricked into thinking it was a planet, when... wham! some mean scientists told it the truth: it was a "dwarf planet" (which is some sick disorder that tiny planets are labeled with). i feel bad for the little guy.
"It's okay, Pluto. I'm not a planet either."- Snorg Tees
by Spyder Gurl August 23, 2008

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the most wickedest city in Cali. yes, it is full of Sk8trs and surfers and plenty of bikini wearing beach bums. yes it is full of families, and AP students, and retirees. yes, it is awsome. CHS and VMS both kick Oceanside butt. the population is about: 60% white, 30% hispanic, 10% other. downtown is full of cute little gift shops and the locally famous Beach City Smoothies. The Library is cool and really good smelling. Some Carlsbad landmarks are: The Power Plant, the beach, the flower fields, That Cool Giant "windmill" that contains a motel and a TGIF, CHS, the lagoons (actually estuaries but no one cares). On normal days, C-bad is an hours drive from San Diego. About two hours from LA. Also, Oceanside is pretty cool too. I always forget if the mall is in C-bad or O-side (its in C-bad). All I really know is that they have the Petco and the Outback. I think they got the Target up there too. We have That Pizza Place. Really, if you want sun, surf, and great summers, come to Carlsbad (not Oceanside).

Carlsbad is and awsome place where you go to the beach, drive to Oceanside to play arcade games at Boomers, and go to school. that's kinda it. but it is still awsome. really.
by Spyder Gurl August 30, 2008

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see crap or craptastic

1) used to genuinely show that you don't care about someones story

2) used to quickly change conversation topic when you desperately need to tell someone something

also; Craptastical, Craponderful, or Crapawsome.

Raquel:...sooo... it was... sooooooo boring at my aunts. I mean, like... soooooo boring...

Morgan: Yea, That's Craptastic!, Raquel.... bye.


Jordane: hey Tay-Taaay! watsup? iamsoooo happy cuz...

Taylor: That's Craptastic!... don't call me Tay-Tay.
by spyder gurl August 30, 2008

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Leave Britney Alone!!!

used to show that u are addicted to youtube and have no true sense of humor...
"Leave Britney alone!!!" -Chris Crocker

Tara- LBA *randomly*

Becca- Huh?

Tara- Leave Britney Alone. Ya know. youtube?

Becca- thats stupid. and random, but mostly stupid.
by Spyder Gurl August 30, 2008

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