dead, as in no longer alive and living, eg: gone to their maker
mr smith carked while away on holiday
by helen reed, April 5, 2008
when you're so tired you feel dead.
i was so carked after the marathon.
by freezerbag February 14, 2009
when you drink loads of alcohol and feel really drunk
Me and Divu got carked up yesterday on 2 buds, get me jigga
by montu October 5, 2006
I’m sorry I didn’t make it to your party last week, my dog carked it and I was too sad to come

“Hey do you know why John is so sad at the moment?” “Yeah, apparently his grandma carked it on Monday”

Shit mate, my car just carked it and I haven’t paid my insurance this month
by hazeleyedninja November 29, 2018
Jimmy carked it last night! He had a heart attack.
by talk2me-JCH2 February 15, 2022
Mark with a C
Barista: "Whats your name?"
Me: "Mark with a c"
Barista: "...Ok, Cark"
by DojoSkate February 10, 2020