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Breaking into random people's cars usually at parties, and stealing all their shit.
Yo man all these girls drunk lets go car hopping!

Fa sho
by drew cassity November 18, 2006
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walking (this is crucial! do not drive! two words liscence plates!) down streets near your house, aproaching cars parked on the side of the street, and casually checking to see if one of the doors is unlocked, then if you are lucky enough to find one unlocked (odds are about 7-1), quickly and swiftly searching throughout it for money, drugs, stereo equipment, cell phones, electronics, wallets, purses, gift cards, (you get the idea), then taking it, quietly closing the door and moving on to the next vehicle -ive never done it
tom: hey dude im so sick of work but i need the cash for a new system for my car

joe:dude this weekend lets just go car-hopping, last time i earned over $350, got a video ipod, subs, 2 wallets, and 4 pounds of grass

tom:arent you worried you'll get caught?

joe:i'm fast and not retarded, so, no
by yelt'n May 04, 2006
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Car-Hopping is the act of secretly entering someone's automobile and taking whatever one finds useful, profitable, or interesting. Car-Hopping usually takes place after 1:00am.
He asked the kid where he gotten the GPSes and the 80G iPod from, and the kid responded, "I went car-hopping last night."
by KnarGnap January 11, 2012
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An activity in which you hop onto several automobiles creating havoc. This act is usually done on a large street(block) on Sundays when there are many automobiles parked.

1.) Yo man lets to car hopping tonight in the polish ghetto. 2.) Lets go hop some cars tonight.
by killjoy (rg represent) April 27, 2006
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