A sexual act in which a person takes their hand (which has a ring on their finger) and fists a male in the ass and a female in the ass or vagina.
"Man I gave that girl a captain planet the other day! I took my ring hand, balled it up into a fist and said AHHHHHHHH and shoved it up in there...what a night."
by IndecentProposal September 08, 2008
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When several individuals in an enclosed space fart simultaneously (or in rapid succession) to create one monster cloud of shit particles. By all powers combined the aggregate fart is stronger than its parts.
Trevor Ballard, Grogan Gammons, and Jackson farted in their Range Rover at the same time, it was a captain planet fart.
by Bro-cephus October 25, 2009
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something that is either cooler than the sum of its parts or cooler than previous examples provided
Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter may be sick but Marvel vs Capcom is Captain Planet Cool
by JackieChanThumbsUp January 16, 2011
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When 5 men
for the (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart)
Gangbang One Chick...
gangsta 1: What's you do this weekend ?
gangsta 2: Called this bitch up and me an da boy's, we Captain Planet That Ho...

gangsta 1: Damn, can I git dat bitch's numba?
by Stephen God February 04, 2008
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Level of highness where, when smoking a marijuana joint with 3 or more different kinds of weed, their powers combine to equal something more than the sum of their parts alone; Like Captain Planet.
"Man, I got so baked when I smoked that joint. We used 3 kinds of weed which were only so powerful individually, but with their powers combined, we became, Captain Planet High!!!!"
by Muddy Run October 25, 2006
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When a woman uses a vibrating cock ring in a solo masturbation round. She places the ring on her index finger with the vibrator facing her palm. Then she'll masturbating, using the vibrator to simulate her clit. This can entirely remove the need for a man.
Janie: "I totally put the cock ring on my index finger and captain planet myself."
Dolly: "Was it good?"
Janie: "With my powers combined, it saved the day AND I can avoid having sex with my boyfriend."
by Planeteer September 09, 2011
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The most amazing man on the planet. He is the best lover with a very large cock. He is "The Captain of the Planet". Example: "Hey guys, last night I came 7 times during sex with The Captain of the Planet!"
Hey guys, I came 7 times last night during sex with The captain of the Planet!
by Applesauce0917 April 05, 2020
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