A treehugging super hero who while the Planeteers weren't looking used aerosol
cans, left the water running while brushing his teeth, and didn't recycle.
After secretly dumping toxic waste into the Great Lakes, Captain Planet got serviced by one of his Planeteers
by kingdick April 30, 2005
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Superhero composed of five elements. Without any of these, he was the most useless thing ever, and even with these things, is still damn useless.
white kid: oh shit, we need CAPTAIN PLANET!
black kid: oh, no the asian kid's takin a shit
Latino kid: OK, i'll use heart power, the most contrived piece of shit ever.
by Zaven, betch December 17, 2006
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When a girl is having vaginal sex, as well as anal sex while sucking a dick, and is jerking two guys off, during this fiasco the guys totaling five put their hands to gether and yell "Gooo... PLanet!!!"
We Captain Planeted her.
Yo we CP'ed that ho, and we cleared the world of pollution.
by Cent2Crew October 29, 2008
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A TV "hero" who was summoned by a group of "planeteers" to defeat "eco-villans". The summon starts with "Fire" and continues with the rest of the planeteers with "Earth", "Wind", "Water", and "Heart". This, in turn, summons Captain Planet to save the day in this fictional TV show.

Also, it's a general internet fad for GameFAQs message boards, wherein each user starts the fad with "Fire", and the rest of the people are expected to follow through with the summon until the original "Fire" poster or sometimes another poster finishes the summon. These summons, when pulled off correctly are usually found funny, and make any topic off-topic and marked for deletion. Anyone who breaks said fad, is dispised.
Poster1: Fire!
Poster2: Earth!
Poster3: Wind!
Poster4: Water!
Poster5: Heart!
PosterX: With your powers combined, I am Captain Planet
<off-topic-ness ensues>
by HyperRyun/Bob December 08, 2006
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A person who is always complaining about the enviroment and advising you to do something progressive or for the greater good.
"Hey, stop littering your twinkie wrappers!" "Take it easy, Captain Planet."
by bryan clopton April 09, 2007
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The Definition of the word Irony.
Don't Believe me look the show up on wiki and carefully look at the sponsors.

In a nutshell God gets mad at the world for taking a shit god sends teeneagers to do the work. Ironic that they do nothing so they get these stupid purity rings and summon the silver surfer with red speedos with his annoying ass catchphrase " The power is yours". Basicly it was a waste of a morning block on saturday morning programming. Ask Cartoon Network.
Captain Planet: Give a hoot don't pollute!
(Years later in the future)
Tony: well we can always blame Ted Turner.
by Giddy Lee May 20, 2011
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