A great little cigar availble in flavors such as cheery and sweet. Very good and satisfying.
Can i Have a cigar.

For sure, only have Captain Blacks though.

by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 27, 2005
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a small cigar(colt) With a sweet tip..comes in original, sweet cherry and sweet tip(choclatey)...
i FucKinG sMoKeD My WhoLe PacK oF CaPTainS YesTeRDaY~!
by The Reefer Man April 27, 2005
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A drink made with a shot of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in the bottom of a pint glass with Guinness Stout filling the rest of the glass. The Captain Black Sparrow tastes like a rum and coke milkshake.

This drink was created by Nick K. and named by Elizabeth K. in Las Vegas, NV.
"Pour me a Captain Black Sparrow. I'm gettin' tossed tonight!"
by Nick Kitz May 5, 2008
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The after taste of a cheap cigar.
Hey bill, I have a bad case of captain black-mouth
by mike o. May 26, 2009
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Captain Black is a Historical Captain along the Gulf Coast of Florida. He has long been known as a shark fisherman who prefers hand to shark combat to subdue them as he believes it is cowardly to just shoot them. Most people have heard stories about Captain Black as a 7 year old rowing out an old canoe he found discarded. It had a large hole the size of a five gallon bucket in it and he patched it with cardboard and a piece of wood he screwed thru the bottom of the boat. The screws would stick thru the bottom and he would sometimes step on them if he was not careful. He was often found offshore fishing having rowed many miles from land and offered a tow back to shore by the charter fishermen. One of the Captains would throw a rope off the back of the boat for him to hold onto as there was no place to tie it off. He would proudly show his catch to the passengers on the boat as they gazed over the back of the boat wondering why a kid so young would be out that far into the open water on such a small boat. To this day Captain Black can be seen fishing the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.
Captain Black is a seasoned shark fisherman.
by Shark Ass December 2, 2017
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