Short for "Captain"

Can be accompanied with Awesome.
Crunchitize me, Cap'n!
by Cap'n Awesome May 3, 2005
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The supreme ruler of Crunchland.

Also a pirate.
"ARR, YE LANDLUBBERS! Yer money or yer cereal!"
by lil billy December 29, 2004
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Dude one: Bro, that girl we met at the party was topping me off in the bathroom

Dude two: You cap'n

Dude two: Nah deadass
by Kaye.Baddie July 20, 2019
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Author of a pirate-themed webcomic, High Seas Hijinks.
Knows a lot about pirates.
No relation to Cap'n Crunch or Captain Planet, though these rumors persist.
Actual name unknown.
* The Cap'n gnaws on his arm.
by The Cap'n December 30, 2004
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From the comercial for Captain Morgan (spiced rum)
"Got a litte Cap'n in ya?"
by claire November 16, 2004
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The act of giving oral sex, especially to a sailor/captain/naval officer. Variations:
Hand Cap'n- another word for hand job.
"Captain Bernard sure gives some good cap'ns."
by omgwtfbbq October 26, 2004
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Cap'n Insano is a male or female who is so batshit nuts that they are the Captain on their own personal ship of fools (which consists solely of themselves).
"Darla went beserkers on me for drinking her last Yoohoo. That bitch is full-on Cap'n Insano!"
by wavyg July 17, 2014
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