worshipping the ganj. used usually when people first find out you're a pothead. one who practices cannabism is a cannabist.
First guy: "man i didnt know you smoked pot"

Cannabist: "dude, ever since that party a few months ago i've converted to cannabism"
by thizzzykitty February 27, 2009
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an affliction caused by the recent consumption of a copious amount of marijuana. Symptoms can include but are not limited to: fatigue, sudden hunger for mixed textures and flavors of snack foods, lack of motivation(unless a rudementary form of doggy style is happening), paranoia, euphoria, or an extreme case of the gigglesnorts.
"We were going to go to the store to get lunchables and whoppers, but we had that cannabitis. So, we just ate peanut butter and apple sandwiches with chocolate syrup and cinnamon. Dude, I know it sounds weird, but that shit was like Mexican apple pies. After that, we napped like mofos"
by jazzytwerk September 5, 2013
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This is the original form of spelling the word describing someone that eats people. I swear I didn't just write this. How dare you think I would do such a thing.
"Cannibal is how it is spelled, not cannabal"
"Are you retarded. Check urban dictionary"
"Oh I'm sorry. I'll go watch some gay porn now.
by UmaLPZ January 29, 2016
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The act of infusing the public with information about cannabis, launching a cannabiz or battling spider mites.
There is a secret organization within the cannabis culture engaged in the cannabization of the internet. They are also baking cheesecake.
by TwirlingHippyisms January 30, 2011
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Smoking weed religiously. Believing that smoking weed daily is so natural, almost as if it was part of your religion.
My cousin Arpit believes in cannabism, he has to smoke everyday.
by Dylan624 January 23, 2013
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the eating of any body of any animal
your all a bunch of sick cannabal
by Pedaloma January 13, 2023
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