A candy raver is the type of raver who wears birghtly coloured clothes, loves to hug everybody and has a lot of multi coloured beaded bracelets, usually made themselves and commonly known as candy. Candy ravers live by the philosophy PLUR- Peace, Love, Respect and Unity. Often they share their bracelets with people, give new found raver friends toys or real candy and generally try to be as positive and friendly as possible to everybody at a rave. They like to dance! They often carry childrens back packs, are covered in glitter or stickers, wear brgiht makeup, carry toys and wear clothes influenced by cartoons- tshirts with Scooby Doo, Care bears or Rainbow Brite on for example. They're friendly and fun, but a lot of people give them hate for no reason.
N00b: Hi, this is my first rave.
Candy Raver: OMG YAY! Have some bracelets! Come dance! What music do you like? -bounces up and down-
by archimetria August 12, 2006
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a person who goes to raves wearing brightly coloured beads up their arms and around their necks. candy ravers make candy, swap candy, give away candy etc. most listen to happy hardcore, hardcore and sometimes hardstyle. these people are the happy children of the raves wearing bright coloured clothes, bright fluffys on their legs, bright leg warmers, 'phat pants' (huge pants that flare with reflectors, colours, logos, braces/straps etc.) reflector vests, candy girls often make their own shirts to wear. candy ravers usually stomp or shuffle on the dancefloor.
Virgin Raver: ohh its my first rave can i have some candy??
Virgin Raver: sorry..
*walks to next candy raver*
Virgin Raver: ohh its my first rave can i have some candy??
Candy Raver2: sure do you wanna trade candy?
Virgin Raver: okay! *gurns*
by drug.dependant July 3, 2006
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a bunch of fucked up assholes that like to dress up like japanamation cartoons, tinkerbell fairy look-alikes, or glow in the dark zombies. they like bright colors, loud bass, and candy necklaces. that's all they eat so they're usually really fucking skinny, but sometimes you will find one of their fat friends that like to hang out with them and just eat candy. these fuckers hang out at raves or in dark basements giving backrubs to eachother while singing along to the techno (which contains lyrics like: castle in the sky, i see a rainbow in your eye!). also, these dj's that "spin" techno are the dj's that weren't good enough to make it through dj school and dropped out. all they do is fade one track into the next rack, counting "1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4..." in their head. anyways what was i saying? fuck a candy raver. if you ever see one kick 'em in the balls or vag, because they deserve it.
JIM: I met this candy raver last night.
BOB: Really? What's a candy raver?
JIM: They go to raves and wear construction masks covered in Vick's Vapo-rub. They like candy.
BOB: Like snickers?
JIM: No, not the good kind of candy. Jewelry candy.
BOB: Sound like a bunch of queers to me.
JIM: Yep.
BOB: Yessir.
by Chris Walsh October 10, 2005
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A Candy Raver is someone who comes to festivals just so they can score drugs.
Omg that (Candy Raver) over there has been harassing everyone for the content of their pockets.
by Anne51136 September 4, 2018
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candy raver (male version).....the biggest losers out!!!
a male who goes to raves wearing:
-pacifiers...they collect these
- brightly coloured beads up their arms and around their necks
-little kids t shirts with cartoon characters
-wear diapers for all we know they do everythink else like babies
they read pic books, suck their thumbs(probably)
eat candy.
candy raver (male version)listen to happy hardcore, hardcore and sometimes hardstyle.candy ravers usually stomp or shuffle on the dancefloor.they are pathetic guys who dont wanna grow up,..and stay and act like babys at nite clubs...most are probably diapers fetish..and were probably breaast feed by ther mommies until they were 18
...from personal experience most are late age bedwetters....like my ex bf

girl(1): omg,.... is you bf suckin a pacifier
girl(2):..yeh he's a candy raver,...i dumped him
girl(1): Y??
girl(2):..cause he wanted 2 act like a baby in public
girl(3):omg candy raver (male version)r losers
by sh@ttyrew!!_h&L March 21, 2007
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Beaded jewlery (Usually made from pony beads that you can find at your local craft store.) worn at raves, usually very colourful.
"I like your candy."
by laura January 5, 2005
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an elitist breed of junglist, open to social interaction with non-junglist populations. still opposing lesser forms of electronic music, kandi junglists are known to wear the plastic beaded bracelets of the traditional kandi (candy) ravers. these exceptional individuals posses all the qualities of angry junglists and also participate in the philosophy of PLUR. This phenomena is known as 'Jungle PLUR'
junglist wearing kandi bracelets and/or glitter, stickers, etc.
by ShininSta February 10, 2005
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