a latina woman who will stop at nothing. A sweet, loving girl who will turn your life upside down. They are the most heartfelt women you will ever encounter.

- probably Argentinian
You´re dating a Candelaria? damn, you´re really lucky.
by angstychick February 10, 2019
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She is a very shy girl in class but when you get to know her she is loud. She has low self-esteem but she tries her best to smile she has a couple of good friends not a lot but she is funny and DOES’NT like anybody at school ESPECIALLY ALEX HE BROKE HER JASPER
Random person: “Ew Candelaria is so ugly”
Candelaria comes up from behind them saying: “oof I know”
by EPIC_PERSON213 May 1, 2019
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People with the last name Candelaria tend to be tomboys, love music and reading. They are usually outcasted and prefer to be alone. If your a friend of someone with this last name consider yourself lucky, they have few friends but would die for the ones the do have. Girls with the last name Candelaria tend to not get along well with girls but get along great with guys. Men with this last name have a easy time picking up girls and get along with everyone
P1: Candelaria made a new friend.
P2: No way Candelaria doesn’t really make friends
by 8pseudonym78 February 6, 2020
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Reggeatonero.One of the few originals true gangster artist in the world. Killer wit his work.BEST at what he do in the World Of Reggeaton. A TRUE BORICUA!!!!!!!
Candelaria metiendo mas candela!!!!!!!!!!
by TRUE FAN February 19, 2008
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she is the prettiest person on the planet. she doesn't think so. she can be violent at times but that's just her showing that she trusts you. if you fall in love with her, good luck getting over her. she is a goddess and is a straight descendant of god himself. she has a sibling how is very mature for there age. she is perfect. nothing could compare to her. she is everything you could ever want. no one else could replace her. she likes tall and skinny guys. she is an extravert but is someone who will listen if you need to vent without judging you. all in all, she is the best everything you could have. she is your everything.
by imfish March 16, 2019
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An unstoppable duo, whose adventures consist of things including:
Giant moths
Male and Female Plugs
Echoing drum sets
Disgusting coffee from Denny's.
Drinking too much energy juice
Making each other go to dances/ ride horses
Calling each other sluts
Walking to the Snak Shak and getting shitty malts.
Being the best friends we can be to each other.
Dude, Tiffany Johnson and Nicki Candelaria are pretty fucking crazy when they're with each other!
by FrostbittenxEminence April 3, 2007
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a person who acts like they care but then leaves when convenient for them. then acts like it’s your fault when you don’t want to go back to them
I really like Candelaria but then they just left so I’m over them.
by hannah004 November 23, 2021
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