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A standard of comparison for describing how much fun something is. The "B of m" is usually considered to be less fun that the great time we are having.
by Nick Cusa September 23, 2006
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A dance that never caught on. Fred Astaire sang a song about "doing the yam" but instant hipness failed him on this score. The continental was more successful
Hey, everybody, let's yam!
by Nick Cusa September 14, 2006
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The state of being in-the-know, including, but not limited to, being stylish or fashionable. It is sometimes claimed to have replaced its predecessor, "hep," with the 1946 popular song, "(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66," first recorded by Nat Cole, and the Rolling Stones (and many others) after that. According to the songwriter, he changed "hep" to "hip" for the sake of a rhyme (see example).
. . . get hip / To this kindly tip / And take that California trip,/ Get your kicks on Route 66.
by Nick Cusa September 2, 2006
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The thankless task of being the first one to take a hit, from the practice of coal miners of bringing down a caged canary to see if there's dangerous gas below
I don't know if this alleyway's safe, and I ain't no canary in a coal mine.
by Nick Cusa September 20, 2006
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Phrase used to claim there are too many bosses, not enough workers, but also used to lament the over-education of the "masses," who should realize their place. Usually uttered by yuppies or their parents, quite confident that no one in their circle will end up a mere "Indian."
"Ah, another fellowship program, but you can't find a good lawn man these days. Too many chiefs, not enough Indians."
by Nick Cusa March 30, 2008
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Female singer, especially in the Big Band/Swing era.
Anita O'Day started off as a canary in the Krupa band, but she really hit her stride later as a jazz soloist.
by Nick Cusa September 20, 2006
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Nickname for a fighter who throws many hard, punishing blows.
Nickname of Ray (Boom Boom) Mancini (also used by his boxing father)
by Nick Cusa September 3, 2006
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