An utterance frequently used in the Timberline Theatre Company said at the beginning of a sentence to exclaim something exciting, stupid, silly, etc.
by BleepBloopBlop May 21, 2009
The only sentence that can rip you, tear you, and kill you.
Do you want to date? Can we be friends instead?”
by Adeline Johnson May 2, 2018
Usually placed before a like goal
YouTuber: Guys can we hit 5k likes?
5 year old: YES!!!!
Youtuber: *continues video*
by IceStoneVulpix December 6, 2019
Means to have sex so loud that people assume you are clapping in the hallway
He: can we clap
She: oh no ! Not at all
He: its Christmas we should do it
by Feepeep December 25, 2021
Words said before copystriking a pewdiepie video.
And then act like you didn't do it
*see's a pewdiepie video in where he calls me a thot*
Alinity: (Chewing loudly) Yo i'm going to copystrike his video, just for that word
by Ali-c June 8, 2018
The most excruciatingly painful string of words any man will hear in the bedroom. This means the sexual intercourse he has been anticipating since the initiation of said act, has come to an abrupt halt. This destroys his world and disappoints him beyond any hope. It's like promising a child a bran new Xbox One for his birthday and instead getting him a Wii U.
*just as intercourse is about to start* "Baby... Can we just cuddle tonight?"
by Epicazam27 February 15, 2017
asking your girl if you can fuck her anal along with usual sexual intercourse before you have sex usually a text depending on whats up or whos around or from bathroom after shower while she waits naked in bed for you. can also apply to anal sex on her period.
hey my cock is so hard can we do thingz. or can i do thingz to you.
by Russertafukk December 19, 2018