phrase, he/she "can get it"..........they look sooo good that u can see urself having sex with them
male1," hey, u seen the new girl at school???"
male2," yea man! she can get it! lol"
by Vonni August 20, 2007
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When a woman has such a high level of beauty that one could say she can get whatever she wants, as in "it", because she's so damn fine.
Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Rashida Jones, and Kate Upton all can get it.

Girls who bite their lower lip to be sexy can get it.
by Electric Juice June 16, 2011
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meaning that the female bieng spoken about looks good enough to "beat" or make love too
david: yo gabe check out dat girl...
gabe: shes pretty good looking she can get it...
david: yupp id beat too...
by bumrecords August 19, 2008
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Is the phrase used mainly in south florida to describe the sexual appeal of a person, "you can get it" is meant in the sense that the person (who can get it) is sexually appealing enough to the person making the statement, that at any point in time, the person can get "it" meaning sex.
"Hey wussup Maria?"

"Hey Dre, whats up?"
"I just thought I'd let you know.....YOU CAN GET IT!!!!!"
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Usually said to or about someone who is really attractive and who you would have sexual relations with.
*Girl on the phone and texting a guy.

Girl on end of the phone - "Who you texting?
Girl on phone - "Oh, just Mark"
Girl on end of phone - "Oh well, Tell him I said 'Hi'"
Girl on phone - "Mark, Nicole said Hi"
Mark - "Nicole,... Oh SHE CAN GET IT!"
by boobies1996 November 28, 2011
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A phrase popularly used on the networking college site It refers to an individual's desire for any type of relationship, specifically, "dating," "friendship," and/or "random play." Some view this phrase as having a dergatory connotation, making the individual look desperate or without standards. Others simply view it as an honest explanation of relationship expectations and have no qualms posting this phrase.
The phrase whatever I can get is the same as saying I am open to any form of relationship.

The phrase whatever I can get is the same as saying I am desperate for any form of relationship.

by azu daioh August 23, 2006
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