Is a sexual act requiring two people. one cock and one anus. the anus needs to be on the verge of taking a shit. The one with the cock then spits a thick mucus filled loogie onto the anus and pushes it in with their cock, then rapidly ejaculating. The anus party then pushes out the now enveloped loogie/ semen mixture, which is presumably completely encased in shit. This shit egg can then be hidden in the yard by someone in an easter bunny suit.
The night before easter I gave my girlfriend a cadbury creme egg, I then grabbed it and hid it along with other dyed eggs and candy. unfortunately her niece found it and put it in her easter basket.
by lovesbjs October 19, 2010
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A friend you only see once a year, and always hang out with just long enough to remember that you actually hate him.
"I ran into Greg at the bar and he hung around all night talking about corporate personhood. Dude is such a Cadbury Creme Egg."
by OneBadMother January 26, 2010
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To simultaneously defecate, urinate and ejaculate into ones own pants.
Nurse, I appear to have Cadbury's Creme Egged myself.
by ---V--- June 22, 2011
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The act of orally receiving a mouthful of your own semen from someone who sucked the aforementioned load of semen from the anus of the person in which it was originally deposited.
After I banged Sean last night, Brad cleaned up the anal creampie I gave him and spat it in to my mouth. I haven't had a Cadbury Creme Egg since high school
by machinelove September 9, 2010
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1-"Hey Josh, How was giving Taylor a Warm Cadbury's Creme Egg?"
2-"Fucking Amazing!"
by SassyKesha July 24, 2014
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Teacher : What is a Mermaid Placenta?
Student: An Ingridient in Cadbury Creme Eggs
by LookAtThisGraph August 9, 2017
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