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stands for call/text. typically used in AIM away messages.

BarryJones2000: hi franklin

Auto Response from FrAnKlIn6969: gettin a fresh hair cut, meetin up wit johanne, then off to volunteer at the soup kitchens. be back much later. c/t
by phllbgs December 25, 2008
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An abbreviated way of expressing that a phone number can be used for both calling and texting. When added after a phone number this expresses permission for the person receiving the number to contact the phone owner in either manner, but more than likely a text message is preferred.
Person 1: Let's study together later.

Person 2: Well, write down number and we can set something up, I'm not sure what my schedule is right now...

Person 1: *writes* (555) 555-5555 C/T

Person 2: Awesome, I'll text you later.
by T-R0D May 09, 2011
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