A substitute word for "good"; to be used when a subject you're describing deserves a lot more passion than to be referred to as a "good" thing.

The term originated in the pubs of south west england; around Reading & Caversham.
"That band was goooo"

P1: "how was your date?"
P2: "She was Gooo mate"

This breakfast is Very gooo
by King B 420 April 22, 2011
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Word used to describe something of shock or disbelief.

Used when something is of disgusting nature or stature.
Dude I won a million dollars!!


Look at the fat tub of lard over there!!

by Seamen Long June 8, 2005
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YETS GOOO is a phrase that combines the words yes, and let's go. There is no apostrophe because apostrophes are for idiots. This word was derived from latin and ancient Greece back when they played clash royale and got a sweet King Tower activation. The king tower activation indicated that you now had the upper hand, and you would scream YETS GOOO.
Albert: "King Tower Activation, Nice!!!!"
George: "Fuck shit"
Albert: "YETS GOOO
by yetsgooo April 1, 2022
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Less gooo is a very famous phrase told by the very popular man with the name DaBaby.
Yo I won a game of AMong us! Less gooo!
by amogus fan 69 May 5, 2021
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When you jack off and then keep your cum in a jar, and then sell it on eBay.
I told Stacys parents I was a professional software engineer when really I make all my money being a Gooos Mayor!
by Urban_di!ck7788 September 21, 2020
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uzywaja tego denerwujace dzieci z mojej szkoly, wers wypowiedziany przez dababy'ego
dzieci: "lesss gooo!"
ja i moi znajomi: "zamknijce sie juz prosze..."
by twojastaratokopara123 September 9, 2021
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