Another term for vibrator. Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and features.
Terry stopped at the adult video store and bought Linda a buzz buzz to take care of her needs while he was gone.
by lntforawhile July 30, 2005
the only thing i hear out of a black mans mouth
by kyle July 17, 2004
Hard and horny lesbian sex involving a large dildo
Christina and Rachel Used the Buzz Buzz! on saturday for their play time.
by Mario Bro. February 8, 2011
What people who don't know what the word "bee" is in Spanish may say.
Dude! I didn't know the el buzz buzz was on my sock! I wanted it to live!
by AlterLynx October 20, 2017
The Xtra most bestest shade of yellow you will ever see
Person 1: that’s the best color ever what shade is it?
Person 2: buzz buzz yellow!
by pssudonym December 27, 2017
A complex living arrangement that must satisfy the following situations: a man so southern that one questions his sexuality, a shy roommate of African American decent and a large black poodle all living in a one bedroom apartment. Please note that a strong urge to recycle maybe a key factor; however the research is still pending.
Walter, yes Perry we should get married and Ozark can be the ring bearer. That way we save on fossil fuel, buzz buzz "Oh No".
by Todd Mclaser February 11, 2008
light a reefer and zoom around town with your great buzz
Joe texted Mickey and said, dude, let's puff puff zoom zoom buzz buzz tonight
by snakefinger January 25, 2008