Owen Wilson. Nickname given to him by a gossip column reader. Owen has butterscotch hair and is said to be packing like a stallion.
Did you see wedding crashers? Yeah,the butterscotch stallion is so hot he makes my tounge swet
by mafiachic November 18, 2006
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A sexual act; achieving orgasm through analingus and exclusive of any form of penile penetration.
Yo check dis shit out: the other night I got so crunk that I couldn't git it up. So I gave my bitch a butterscotch stallion an' s'alright!
by Slim Shady July 2, 2005
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Actor Luke Wilson: Butterscotch is a hair color that is a combination of blonde and light brown. A stallion usually refers to a guy with a large penis.
It is alleged that Luke Wilson is a butterscotch stallion. The name was given to him by the gossip rag "Defamer" whose gay editor is jealous of Luke Wilson's large "talent".
by bif January 6, 2006
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