10 definitions by Slim Shady

A sexual act; achieving orgasm through analingus and exclusive of any form of penile penetration.
Yo check dis shit out: the other night I got so crunk that I couldn't git it up. So I gave my bitch a butterscotch stallion an' s'alright!
by Slim Shady July 2, 2005
A cooler version of the word "gay."
by Slim Shady February 23, 2004
An opportunist; someone displaying greed or hording behavior; stealing
All of those Kazaa kiddies are just a bunch of pilfering grabasses.

I put out the box of old Playboys and my grabass neighbor took da whole damn thang! Sheeyat!
by Slim Shady April 17, 2005
A diet product and used around my place '2177' in a different way
Kid 1:Hey fatty check the mail i sent you some slim fast!
Kid 2:Suck my cock
by Slim Shady November 19, 2004
A sexual act; an interacial three way double stuff where one male is black, the other white and the female of any race.
Me and Jay-Z gave his old lady a black and white cookie the other night. Wurd.
by Slim Shady July 4, 2005
Yo, me an' my old lady got together last night I took the pigskin bus to tunatown.
by Slim Shady May 13, 2005
A type of cannibis hybrid, most derived from the indica strain
Hey, pass that joint, I wanna hit that Thai skunk.
by Slim Shady March 5, 2015