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To no longer be a virgin. Mentioned in Mean Girls by Jason
I buttered her muffin yeaterday and she got AIDS (oops!)
IS your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin?
by B. P. June 05, 2007
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To stuff her girl's vagina with half a stick of butter. Then let the body heat melt melt for 3 and half minutes. After this begin to eat her out and suck out the melted butter.

When your mouth is filled with butter (and maby cum...or blood if it's her period), oper her bum up a bit with your fingers and begin to give the lucky lady a rimjob, and slowely let the melted butter in your mouth drip down into her hole of darkness. This will provide proper lubrication for the next step, which is to stick your penis into her ass...
"My sister tried baking cookies with this guy, but he forgot to bring every thing aside from the butter, so he buttered her muffin, and then when I gave him a blowjob afterwards it tasted like butter and farts."

"In home ec. friend... let the teacher butter her muffin so I...I mean my friend... wouldn't fail, but I'm worried because the class thinks my friend has a wierd rash on my- err...her... vagina, but it was just an alergic reaction to the butter." ~Me talking about my friend, who is so totally not me.
by SPEDcial Forces May 19, 2008
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