a way in telling a person to "Come up"..started by bloods and they dont say the letter "c" so they would say "bum up"
get there stuff togetha..get fresh..Fly..ect.
-Bum Up!!
-Get like meh...BUM UP!
by Babii-Hdiip September 16, 2007
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Pretty much the same as 'Sucking Up' to someone, except based around the action of giving somebody anal sex.
"I can believe you bum up to him just because he has a nice car."
"Dave's bumming up to Celebrities again."
by Tom Barnes February 14, 2008
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Get to working hard after spending all day procrastinating from your Advertising coursework

Yes I'm talking to you
My friend needs to get her heads down bum up with this uni work so she can get to a concert tomorrow
by motyak April 22, 2017
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when u havin a bad day and some random person is talking to u abt random shit u don't even give two kharas abt
person 1 :hey did you know that jason and troy were making out today
person 2: shut yo bum ass up
by sniffxy August 27, 2023
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