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a town in southwestern montana. approx.35,000 people. butte was the driving force in early montana economics as it is built on one the worlds largest deposits of metal ores. many ethnic groups still remain prominent in butte especially the irish.Butte is home to the largest st. patricks day celebration west of the mississippi. Butte is a hard drinking/drugging town with plenty of old school scenery and machismo. dont be fooled by butte's quaint allure, this is no place to fuck around. scandalous tweakers run wild and the bars are always home to locals who will try to kick your ass. the cops are fair but take care of their own. dont ever give someone in butte montana money to buy drugs for you, you'll never see it again. HaHaHa! God bless Butte!~
we love to party in butte.
by riley oreilly February 20, 2008
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