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The ultimate insult. It may be redundant and repetitive, but it does the job well.
Man you are such a buttass!
Shut up buttass!
I hate you!
by Myk Ogle February 25, 2004
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An insult used by stupid people when they can't think of anything else to say.
Marvin: "Gimme those chips, turd fuck!"
Dwayne: "I'll give you some chips up your ass, butt breath!"
Marvin: "Up yours, butt head!"
Dwayne: "Butt wanker!"
Marvin: "Butt nugget!"
Dwayne: " ass!"
Marvin: "You're a butt ass!"
Dwayne: "No, you are! Butt ass!"
by omgnakedpeople June 06, 2007
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A word to use when u r cursing someone off and running out of creative/real curses
Lori, you are a buttass
by Trout June 03, 2003
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Minnesota-cold; too cold to even think about being outdoors; automobiles are incapable of starting when it's butt-ass cold outside
Man, I just shoveled the driveway, and it's butt-ass cold out there today!
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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