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Under the general category of analingus, butt sucking involves a vigorous suction motion to be done by the mouth on the anus, rather than mere licking. In fact, the use of the tongue in the case of butt sucking is optional. If there are turds in said anus, butt sucking may lead to something under the header of scat. The resulting stimulation is different than mere licking, and has been purported to resemble the feeling of involuntary dumping. See: incontinence.
Jan: Use your mouth on my ass, Stuart.
Stuart: You want me to lick?
Jan: No, I'm in the mood for some butt sucking.
Stuart: You better not have to dump.
by Dan Sheem April 16, 2008
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A british term for when some one puts a cigarette (Or joint) in to far into their mouth while sharing it. This leads to having the end covered in saliva.
Person 1 : -Takes a toke from the joint and passes it-
Person 2: Dude wtf! Theres bloody spit all over my joint you butt sucking dickhead!
by The titty gibbler July 28, 2011
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