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When you laugh so hard you start to fart, which makes you laugh harder and lose control and you continue to toot along with your giggles.
Kwistin: (Laughing) Do you hear him out there muttering about Redneck Bingo? (Toot!)
Peaches: Whoa, what was that down there? Was that a butt chuckle?
Kwistin: Ya! I can't help it! (Increased giggling and tooting)
by Kwistin September 25, 2005
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noun- a fart which produces noise from the butt cheeks slapping against each other
The awkward silence was made even more awkward when Bill released a smelly butt chuckle
by NavitasXVII March 22, 2007
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Before, Or Partway Through Sex, The Enormous Lady Your With Motions Her Arse Up And Down While On Her Hands And Knees. Doing So Makes Her Arsecheeks Move In And Our Horizontally, Looking Like Her Butt Is Chuckling.
My Best Friends 300 lb. Mom Had The Hots For Me, And The Idea Sickened Me, But I Just Couldnt Resist Seeing If She Would Buttchuckle.
by Fap-Master5k August 25, 2008
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when you put your phone in your back pocket and it suddenly begins to vibrate.
"Oh god, I just butt chuckled.."
"That butt chuckle felt sooo goood"
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by unorginal January 14, 2017
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