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n. A word used to insult somebody, means basically the same as kunckle head. Knuckle-head is to knuckles in your head, as chuckle-butt is to chuckles in your butt. Can also mean one who farts a lot.
Example 1-
Daughter who is texting her friend on her cell: Daddy, my friend just said i was stupid!
Father: Well, call her a chuckle-butt

Example 2-
Girl-Ew, Chris is such a chuckle-butt
Other girl-Tell me about it. Earlier in math class he blew one right in my face!
by The Bombdiggietest December 23, 2006
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An expression used in frustration directed to an unknown person.

Synonmyms: retard, buttmunch, loser, lame-o, etc.
"Who's this CHUCKLEBUTT?!"
by Margaret Kammer October 04, 2006
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Wide-load/Overall Large Ass dude that jiggles when he laughs like Santa Claus but year-round.
Greg: YO Chuckle Butt stop fucking laughing so hard on the couch you are gonna break the gears we can't concentrate on the damn game!

Ryan(Chuckle Butt): Shut the fuck up Greg your girlfriend's fatter than me and you let her bounce up and down on your bed.
by Greg Nicers December 24, 2010
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