A derogatory term for a homosexual, made famous by Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs.
Mr. Blonde: Eddie, if I was a butt cowboy, I wouldn't even throw you to the posse.

Nice Guy Eddie: Of course not, you'd keep me for yourself, you sick bastard. Four years of fuckin' punks up the ass you'd appreciate a piece of prime rib when you see one.
by FlickO April 25, 2009
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ring piece rancher, poo pipe pioneer, cumslinger, shit shafting sheriff, etc etc
Damien you filthy butt cowboy, what are you doing in there with the attendant?
by butt weasel September 3, 2003
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It is a derogative term used to offend some one who is of homosexual nature or perceived to be of homosexual nature because of something they have just done.
Charles's Father: "Charles, are you looking at gay porn again?"

Charles: "No it was a pop-up"

Charles's Father: "yes you are you filthy Butt Cowboy!"
by St. John Underwood February 4, 2008
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what happens when you go camping with

1 a homosexual
2 your friend
3 your father

they were having butt sex cowboy butt sex
by THNDRBIRD17 May 30, 2009
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To have immensely vigorous butt sex with a male/female partner.
Hey Justin, I just had some epic Cowboy Butt Sex with my girlfriend last night!
by Le Niggar of Negros. January 22, 2012
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the sexual realaions between a cowboy and his butt.
dude, I know you are my friend, but i'm craving some cowboy butt sex.
by nighthawkdragon April 27, 2008
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