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to bask under the moonlight; the opposite of sunbathing
I went moonbathing the other night even though the sky was slightly cloudy.
by cisi September 05, 2006
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It's what happens when you dial/text someone by accident because you forget that your phone is in your back pocket when you sit down.
Person A: Hello? Hello? Person B: (no answer) Person A: Why are you butt calling me?! Person B: (no answer)
by cisi March 24, 2011
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(1) to express extreme awe of a situation, thing, person, or place
(2) another form of saying, "Wow!," without the exclamation mark
Person A: Her family has lived in this country for four generations
Person B: Wowzy! That's 320 years if each generation is about 80 years; her family has deep roots in this country!
by cisi November 29, 2010
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