(1) (vb) To arrest or apprehend; any police activity.
(2) (vb)To nab or catch someone in to act of an embarrassing or compromising act (such as parents finding drug paraphenlalia in the kid’s bedroom)
(3) (vb)To shoot or violently hit someone.
(4) (n)A complete dud or failure.
(5) (n)A male or female orgasm
(6) (n)A big letdown or disappointment
(7) (vb)To give one something or fork over Ex: “Hey man, bust me some fries.”
(1) I heard a bust is going down on that crackhouse tonight.
(2) My wife busted me drinking milk from a carton out of the refrigerator.
(3) He got busted on the side of the face good.
(4) That reality show is a big bust.
(5) She is a beast -- she busted on me 20 times last night.
(6) My date was a complete bust; we didn't say 20 words to each other.
(7) Hey man, bust me some of those fries.
by Bill Peters November 6, 2006
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The opposite of "bust-a-nut" from a girl getting you there but not putting out
"All I got was a crappy dry hump. When i wanted to bust-a-nut but she turned out to be a bust-a-not
by tBahn November 8, 2011
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I busted on that girls face.
by the man March 11, 2003
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To "splooge." Happens when heavily excited or aroused. Usually used as a past participle: "busted."
Griffin: "Damn, nigga look at these girls tho!"
Mike: "Shit. You right son, I just busted."
by GriffinMascja June 20, 2017
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