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Aniyah is a gorgeous girl, but she doesn't know it.She is not afraid to tell anybody about their bs . When Aniyah is!!! She gets a lot of comments when she is out, mostly like pretty girl etc...She is loyal. If you lose her trust you can't gain it back.Dont hurt her family or BFFs because she'll nock a bitch out. No joke. Either ride or die 🚔🔫. ANiyah is sensitive. Aniyah has a lot of boys that like her, even tho it don't seem like it. Aniyah will give you her heart ❤️ even if she doesn't have it herself
Aniyah is a baddie , Aniyah is sweet when you get to know her. #loyal #kind #litt
by Im that gurllllllll May 12, 2018
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Aniyah is pretty asf, loyal as can be, don't need nobody but herself, she has good goals for herself, not a fighter but will knock a bitch out, mean sometimes, smart mouth, and cool asf
Aniyah is the definition of bad
by letsgetlitt January 17, 2017
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Aniyah is Very pretty, smart, athletic, multi-talented baddest bitch, nice, doesn't like to fight but will knock a bitch out if she has to,loyal (sometimes) but always keep it real and one hundred her honesty is real and is a true bestfrenn she is the best person to have in your life and will change your world

#thatsmybestfriend #keepit100 #myrighthand
Aniyah is so true about any and everything
by h3xcraves._.trinide March 14, 2017
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Aniyah she is the baddest bitch out here and anit no nigga go bring her down. These Hoes out here anit got nothing on her, she is sexy asf and will always be a great friend she is bad asf but she anit no hoe she anit scared of nobody!
by AliyahMixon December 28, 2015
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Aniyah is i very smart girl. She is very fun and hyper when around people she's comfortable with. Aniyah will make you laugh and she tends to laugh at all things!!! It may seem like her life is all over the place but don't underestimate her cause she will have you confused! Aniyah will have all the girl drooling over her, she is so SEXY!!! Lol watch out because she's a major player. To be with an Aniyah and be token seriously you must be very special, cause when she falls in love she falls hard and will love you like no other. She will be obsessed with every move!! You are truly blessed is you are that lucky one! Oh and if you see her mad.... Bitch RUN!!!!
Did you see that girl Aniyah, she is too fine!
by Nya fn stackzs August 21, 2018
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A pretty, preppy yet bi-polar girl that has trust issues yet is a popular person. She is funny yet a tad hard-headed and indenial. But is beautiful yet let people get to her.
Aniyah is a good student yet she let people get to her.
by Nina_Nani_ July 30, 2013
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