To be unatrractive, lame, or boring.
Yo, that party was busted so we bounced.

I would never date him, he was straight busted.

That movie was so busted I fell alseep.
by Studtaco February 25, 2003
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A term used in Hardcore.

When the song is about to go into a breakdown or enter a faster part, the singer yells BUST IT! (or bust, kick it, break, rip it, etc)

can also be used when talking about dancing to a hardcore band.

"Man when Righteous Jams play I'm gonna bust it."
by xinyofacex August 29, 2005
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The peak point of sexual realtions between two people. Closely related to an orgasm the term "bust" is used when the male ejaculates during sexual relations somewhere other than the vagina or the mouth.
"Damn last night while y'all were sleeping that bitch was pumpin' me real hard and I bust all over her hand"
by -=A=- August 24, 2006
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Jamal: Man I'm bust by the end of the day
Raykwan: Same here bro
by Curly Jew October 13, 2010
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When you want to get a loud point across. You flip someone the bird, and say Bust This!!
This guy insulted me on the street the other day. So I flipped him off, and said Bust This you dumb ass!
by urbanwhite August 1, 2016
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A prefix that is used to direct an action that is implied by the accompanying word. Followed by a noun or a handful of workable verbs.

It is an open modifier that, by its very nature can urge haste, however this is not necessarily true in all cases as this modifier can be used simply in to complete slang colloquial.
"Bust a right here."
This can be used while driving, walking, or navigating in any form, though more appropriate with motorized vehicles.

"Bust a move."
A catch phrase used to promote late 20th century Dance Dance Revolution games. Though the 'bust a' modifier was not started with Dance Dance Revolution, this phrase has locked the modifier's fate with the popular arcade machine.

"Bust a feel."
Synonymous with cop a feel.
by Turing May 3, 2004
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