A phrase used to describe when a woman spreads her legs open wide to fuck
I spent alot of money on this date, this bitch better bust it open tonight!

by G-Rankins November 29, 2007
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When a woman ejaculates on a mans face and shits in there mouth (optional)
Dang, iggy got me fucked up from busting it open all over me last night, the shit tasted good too
by Grjir836 November 01, 2020
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To Put Some Ones Business Out In The Open.
Devin screamed over the class to Cam and said, "Cam, don't you like Jessica!?"
Cam yelled back, "Aw, why you got to bust me open like that?"
by DhatBossBitch November 05, 2009
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Referring to a girl to dance with legs spread and her genitals toward the male.
"I told my girl to bust it wide open and bring it back when we were dancin."
by car88 December 08, 2008
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