a magazine with great ideas interviews and up to date reviews. at times overly liberal but overall a decent magazine
i just got my bust magazine in the mail! it has a bunch of gift ideas i can make for cheap
by yvonne March 11, 2005
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1) when something goes wrong;

2) when some gets in trouble
-dude, you didn't bring the beer?
-no, man

-will you please step out of the car sir?
-ok officer
(everyone in the car)-BUST!
by maryamiscool November 19, 2005
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To wear or display an item of clothing or an accessory.
Present tense.
Past tense: busted.
'I'm busting Armani jeans'
'Why does that neek bust that flat cap'
by B4L ALTO June 27, 2006
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to break up weed, to break up kush that is perfectly compact and tight.
Male 1 : yo bro, you down to blaze?
Male 2 : yee man, lets baze
Male 1 : iight man, bust that kush up, and you roll.
by killa illa kusshi November 17, 2010
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v. to participate in a game, esp. cards. Often used in conjunction with spags.
"Yo, where's Marky at?"
"He's bustin' spags with Ken."
by Pecan Pie April 25, 2004
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