A term used to describe the moment a person looses the ability to correctly use the English language.

When a person muddles up their sentence construction, when they say offside things or they just fuck up a simple sentence

Can be used to insult someone. Calling someone a bust is like calling them a fuck up, or a mistake.
Tshego: how many trees IS in your home.
Andrew: firstly you mean ARE, secondly I have 3 in my YARD. Shit, you bust more than anyone I know

How many times a day does Jones bust.

You look like a bust.
You're a walking bust.
by Tank.com October 04, 2018
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1. A statue of someone's head
2. A woman's breasts
3. To break something
4. To catch someone red-handed; arrest
5. A failure, usually from sports
1. Maria kept a bust of her late grandmother's face in her living room.
2. Check out the bust on that ho over there! I'd love to grope those boobies!
3. Jennifer busted her leg while skiing.
4. Lawrence was busted for a hit and run.
5. Tony failed to live up to the hype when he was drafted, which made him a bust.
by Fifi McFeef January 21, 2015
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When a man ejactulates on a women's body or hair. This happens after a good hand job.
Damn dude, I busted on Aunt Hellen.
Damn, I busted one in her eye, it went splazzza
by WhoCaresWhoDisIz May 31, 2004
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An immature, promiscuous, and dimwitted female.
Stay away from that girl, she's such a bust.
by Samer33 April 13, 2011
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when a girl is ready to squirt out of her pussy (:

- " Ah Ah , im going to bust ! here it comes ! "
by Rodolfo (: March 18, 2009
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