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a GREAT band. sucks cuz they arent that popular. buy there cd!!!
omg breaking benjamin is fucking awesome!
by Yvonne August 10, 2004
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phrase used in Ireland to describe a slippery customer, a rogue, a charlatan, someone who seems upstanding or innocent and mild but who never misses an opportunity to screw you over, scam you, rip you off or hide their farcical f**k ups, blame everyone else for the s**t they cause and generally lure you into their Machiavellian trap... unsurprisingly generally applied to cowboy politicians, corrupt rich tax evaders and their ilk
1. Peader: Ah sure Seamus I'd be doing ye a favour if I bought them there sorry lookin' cows of ye for tuppence.
Seamus: Ah would you go and shite ya cute hoor, I'm not a feckin eejit! They're worth their weight in spuds!
2. Bertie
by Yvonne March 24, 2005
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1. When something is spectacularly fantastic!

2. Sarcasm when something overly unbelievable happens.
1. I'm going on vacation and I'm going to get tan! yay!!

2. I forgot my card in the ATM machine. yay!!
by yvonne March 12, 2003
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a magazine with great ideas interviews and up to date reviews. at times overly liberal but overall a decent magazine
i just got my bust magazine in the mail! it has a bunch of gift ideas i can make for cheap
by yvonne March 10, 2005
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a man who although encouraged black rights pusehd down japanese people through stereotypical characters with buckteeth and exaggerated slanty eyes. The example can be seen through his political cartoons during the war. Often times Dr. seuss portrayed the characters as weak or a backstabber.
not applicable in this area
by yvonne March 10, 2005
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