to empty your load (to cum) on a girl's face
i couldnt help it. i just had to bust on her face when she made so hard.
by bigmister154 November 19, 2003
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verb. to do or give something. can be used in many many ways.
yo, bust me a smoke.

(1)should i hope the box of cookies?
(2) just bust it

can you bust me that cd?
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003
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A statue of a head or head and chest. Also used to describe a woman's breasts.
Professor Jones keeps a bust of Julius Caesar in his office.

That girl is very busty, she's like a 34-DD!
by nickj6282 June 4, 2005
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Something and/or someone thats ugly .

Terrible looking.
"Yo, did you just see that girl? She was fuckin` BUSTTTT!"
by Annie_1000 September 30, 2006
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A word among those who use smokeless tobacco (referred to as "dip", not "chew" or "snuff" that means to use smokeless tobacco. Relatively uncommon yet still in use in various parts of the country.
I'm about to bust a dip.
by cchris May 4, 2006
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to knock a punch to cause someone to bleed (usually to nose or mouth)
"i bust ya mouth boy!"
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