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a person who is generally stressed out or frustrated due to either lack of sex/sexual encounters or due to bad sex.
signs of the sexually frustrated are said to include chewing ice, eating chocolate and peeling labels off of beer bottles, although most people think these are just 'old wives tales'
i'm so sexually frustrated because not only have i not had sex for 9 months, every guy i meet is a loser!
by jane_bond October 26, 2003

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website for people to either (1) post their picture to be judged on a scale of 1-10 based on personal attraction
(2) waste time while they should be studying for exams, giving all the hot people 1's and all the ugly people 10's, to even out self esteem in the world. excellent time waster.
i failed my exam because the night before i spent 2 hours on hotornot.com giving stuck up sloots 1's. damn it!
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003

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(1)a 70's rock band fronted by lou reed. often referred to as the 'godfathers of punk' although most people disagree. excellent musicians who music is still cherished and rocked out to this very day.
(2) a club on queen street west toronto
(1) sweet jane is one of my favourite velvet underground songs
(2) my brothers band is playing at the velvet underground on friday
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003

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sweater worn by an 'emo kid'. (see emo kid). often belonging to the father of the wearer, or purchased in a thrift store. an emo kids may own 5+ emo sweater. they are usually found in bland colours. many are 'vintage'.
you can tell that kid is emo purely based on his sweater. they don't sell sweaters like that these days, no siree. i bet he got that bad boy down at amity.
by jane_bond October 26, 2003

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nickname given to one who is extremely lanky and often uses their lankyness to benefit them in ways non-lanks can only dream of. (also see lanky)
hey kevin, can you get that can from the top shelf for me? gaddamn your lanky. hey everyone, kevin's the lankmaster!
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003

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verb. to do or give something. can be used in many many ways.
yo, bust me a smoke.

(1)should i hope the box of cookies?
(2) just bust it

can you bust me that cd?
by Jane_Bond October 26, 2003

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classy way of saying 'slut' so your mother doesn't scold you for being rude.
oh, i know her.she sleeps with everyone.what a sloot.
by Jane_Bond October 27, 2003

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