"Bust a cap in yo Azkaban" is a threat that is simulteously a Harry Potter reference, and a Harry Potter in the Hood reference. "Azkaban", in this phrase, is a play on "ass" or "azz".
by herr0prease April 11, 2010
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Shooting firearms, either for fun or practice, or in a violent altercation.
"Man, I'm bored. Let's go down to the range and bust some caps."

"As soon as the hajiis tripped the mine, we all started busting caps to port. I fired three magazines before we cleared the block."
by LowProfile88 July 25, 2009
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Something that dickheads say thinking they're saying "I'm gonna shoot you" but they're really saying "I'm going to ejaculate in your ass during anal sex" (usually homosexual)
I'm gonna bust a cap in your ass white boy!
by joveblue July 10, 2004
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For a bunch of 'homies' down on the 'west side' to kill a whitey
Yo, Imma bust a cap in yo azz, Honkey
by DaQuisha August 21, 2003
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To shoot someone out of annoyance or insult,to shoot sumone for fun or to just say u will and scare them
"better watch you back cuz i hav a gun and ill bust a cap in your ass so go away cuz i have a gun and ill shoot u if u dont go away"
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1. The act of shooting someone up there dick hole

2. beating someones dick until it turns purple then giving the dick a hand job
1. Damn fool, i goin' bust a cap in yo dick!

2. Holy shit that mother fucker busted a cap in my dick last night!
by Jake Jon April 2, 2007
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From a drug induced study session with several linguists somewhere in Arizona.
Bust-Cap, an exclusive language used when all other attempt at a covert language has failed, and the chick thinks she knows whats going down.
"Bust cap a whackin'"
"Bust it"
"Fuckin' DT times like 20, YK till tommorow morning"
by Justyn March 15, 2005
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