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1. The name of a prison for wizards and witches who use their magic for evil purposes. Guarded by the "dementors" who can suck the soul right from the body, this prison leaves its guests with virtually no brain power or memory. Known for jailing the wrong person, or accidentally freeing the right one. The origin hails from the Harry Potter series of novels.
2. A sybolic place that the loser of a burn match is sent.
1. "Sirius Black has escapes from Azkaban Prison!"
2. "She says that I have no game. So I said she couldn't give away pussy at a star trek convention, and sent her ass to Azkaban."
by darkabove April 30, 2005
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1)prison for witches and wizards that committed violent crimes and is sentenced time.

2) the county jail.
the dark lord should be on death row in azkaban by now.

the county jail can be just as gnarly as azkaban.
by yomegame January 06, 2008
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wizard prison from the harry potter series.Gaurded by dementors and is surrounded by water .dark witches or wizard often escape without permission
azkaban is very scary because there are lots of scary wizards there who are very scary!
by crowie July 31, 2006
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