mrs. walker and her first period class
(said while shaking a pen)if you guys arent quiet i will bust a cap
by g-unit April 29, 2003
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kick someones ass, or beat someone up
ima come over there and ima bust a cap
by swapanl February 3, 2007
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A slang phrase referring to the posession and use to a certain individial of a firearm or any other object resembling a firearm that emits any sort of a projectile.
"Imma bust a cap in yo mothafuckin ass bitch!"
by December 1, 2004
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1.Man that "fiddy sent" busted a cap in his ass.
2.I busted a cap in "Fiddy sents" asss
by ub3r n00b3r September 24, 2004
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To discharge a round of ammunition from a firearm, usually a handgun.
Fuck wit me, and I'll bust a cap in yo ass biatch!!!!
That fool was disrespectin' a brutha so I had to straight bust a cap in his ass!
by Streetsouljah September 6, 2006
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To unload your gun on someone and ultimatley, kill them. A very popular activity in the ghetto.
Nigga 1: Hey you want some of dis sheeit?
Nigga 2: Ah, I don wan dat shit.
Nigga 1: I don give a fuck, I don't play that shit, and I'm about to bust a cap motha nigga.
by jakrel August 13, 2005
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Peeing after you cum pushing the left over cum out of your penis.
I just jerked off then I was busting a cap in the toliet.
by Cellucci November 30, 2018
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