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a person who mindlessly follows bush, usually because of religious convictions.

this person is, as the word says, full of shite (shit).
eww condi ur such a bushite
by xtac March 13, 2005
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A Bushite was a member of the Bush cabinet in 2003, before WWIII , they were all impeached, some are still alive today live in prison in the Great State of Cuba USA
Donald was a bushite now he lives in Cuba
by Buh-oosh-it March 28, 2003
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A mindless individual who follows members of the Bush Dynasty by believing thier lies and never following the actual polotics aside from the money they might make. The elites are usually rich who have their financial security in mind. The poor members of this group support the Bush Dynasty because they could not afford a good education. The median between these groups doesn't usually have time to follow political issues so they blindly follow like cattle. These so called "Bush Voters" are generally blamed for the ruined condition of the United States as of 2004. Another sad fact is that they tend to repeat their mistakes. Not voting George W. Bush in once, but twice.
"I'm a Bushite. I love George Bush and my money. Glad I'm not middle class or poor. Those guys are getting fucked! aaaHAAAA!"

"I know I'm a Bushite...but I really wanted to apologize for ruining the government of the U.S....can you ever forgive me?"
by Nemo_R_A November 28, 2004
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1.A Person or group of persons who refuse to see truth of reality & instead hold on to false Prophecies delivered by their leaders the Bush Family.

2. Anyone who believe WMD exsisted in Iraq after the first Gulf War ended.

3. Anyone who believes Saddam Hussain had Any connections to September 11, 2001

4. Anyone who Refused to believe George W. Bush mislead the INTIRE country before invading Iraq in the wake of 2003.

5. Anyone believing false claims dispite the facts due to Blind loyalty.
Man 1: GEEZE, Can you believe Joe? He still says Bush is a liberator even tho the Iraqi people Disapprove of him by 94%!!

Man 2: Yeah he's a real Bushite..

"We Should've got our Allies together & invaded Iran not Iraq, Common now, Don't be a crazy Bushite"
by Platinum Pistolz October 25, 2004
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Just like Sodomites only RETARDED
The Bushites I work with say our economy is the best it has been in for a very long time.
by DemMan April 16, 2008
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